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The Muskegon Lakeshore Chamber of Commerce is proud of its role in serving the lakesides of Western Michigan. The Michigan Irish Music Festival is pleased to announce a new event you may never have heard of: the Michigan Irish Music Festival.

The mission of the Michigan Irish Music Festival is to produce a high quality festival of Irish music that promotes Irish culture and heritage while improving our community through entertainment, tourism, education and philanthropy. We do, of course, host a lot of local Western Michigan music, but we also welcome anything that pleases people of all ages.

Mona Shore's choir members toured Spain and France in 2016 and also sang at the 2015 and 2016 International Music Festival in New York City. The choir is also known for its spring show "Sailors go Pop," in which the choir performs popular music in a wide variety of styles. They are also members of the Muskegon Chamber Choirs, with whom they have sung for the past three years, and the Port Huron Chamber Choruses. Cain is also the conductor of Mozart's Requiem, performed with the Muskego Chamber Choir, and has also sung with the National Symphony Orchestra of the United States as a soloist and accompanist with the National Orchestra of Canada.

Norton Shores offers excellent educational opportunities and graces the shores of Lake Michigan, Lake Huron, Lake Superior and the Great Lakes. Lake Shore Park, with its picturesque view of the Michigan River, offers a wonderful view of the sun as it sets over Lake Wisconsin, Michigan Bay and Lake Ontario.

The best things to do in Muskegon, Michigan, USA and the best quality scenic view of Lake Michigan from Norton Shores.

The best things to do in Muskegon, Michigan, USA and the best views of Lake Michigan from Norton Shores. Learn what makes it a good place to live, including a list of the most popular places to shop, restaurants, hotels and other things to do.

Below are the departments that you will find in the city of Muskegon, each under the direction of the department with an associated telephone number. The Muskau City Hall is located on the second floor of the City Hall on Smith Street in Muskrona, MI. Just blocks from Norton Shores International Airport, the Musman Ferry Terminal offers easy access to Lake Michigan and the Great Lakes. Professionally print important documents, package and ship valuable items, and print, print and package valuable items.

This new Subaru used car dealer offers excellent service, great prices and a wide selection of new and used cars. This Subaru dealership supplies Grand Haven, Allendale and Holland, MI, as well as Muskegon and Grand Rapids in Michigan. Located about 40 minutes from the Grand River, it is also about 40 hours east of Detroit, making it perfect for trading in winter with daily coupons and promotions.

Muskegon is located on the beautiful shores of Lake Michigan and attracts thousands of visitors every year for its stunning sugar-sand beaches, beautiful lakes and spectacular views of the Great Lakes. It borders Lake Huron, Lake Superior, Grand River, Michigan River and the frozen, icy shores of Lake Michigan, ideal for fishing, boating, kayaking, hiking, canoeing and other outdoor activities. The Muskesgon Lakeshore Trail offers easy access to the lakeside and leads through some of Michigan's most scenic lakes and rivers, as well as a variety of scenic parks and paths. They specialize in high quality furniture, clothing and accessories for private, business and private use.

Muskegon State Park is located on the shores of Lake Michigan, just north of the city of Muskegon, Michigan. Located in the heart of one of Michigan's most popular tourist areas, Muskego County, it is surrounded by stunning coastlines, wooded dunes and the Great Lakes. Several beautiful beaches on Lake Michigan include Lake Huron, Lake Superior, the Grand River and the Michigan River, as well as Lake Erie and Lake Ontario.

Muskegon County is home to the Metropolitan Statistical Area, the largest city in Michigan, with a population of about 2.5 million.

The pristine freshwater of Muskegon Lake is summarized in the Great Lakes, the largest freshwater lake in North America and the second largest in Europe. Michigan Adventure is the largest theme park in the world, with more than 1,000 acres of water parks. It is located on the banks of the Muskeson River, a tributary of Lake Huron from which it was formed and which is so called because of its oceanic size. There are a large number of parks and resorts in and around the town of Norton Shores as well as in several other communities.

For many years, Muskegon's stretch of Lake Michigan has had 26 miles of sandy beaches, including the state-certified cleanest beach in the United States, Pere Marquette Beach. Norton Shores is best described as one of the most beautiful beaches on the Great Lakes and the largest in Michigan. With its high quality of life, it is a sought-after place to live and start a family.

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