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The Jayhawks volleyball team traveled to Perrysburg, Ohio, to participate in the Region XII tournament at Owens Community College. Saturday, November 1, had its first game of the season, where it featured a young team that included five freshmen. Muskegon - Cultural facilities in the area began to reopen to the public, but this week things were a little different as they introduced security measures to deal with the ongoing threat of coronavirus. The Michigan Museum of Natural History and Michigan State University Museum have been closed due to the spread of coronaviruses, according to a news release.

The Jayhawks then played in the regional final against Lansing CC, but lost in three sets 3: 2, 4: 3, 5: 7, 6: 1. The Jayhawks then won their first game of the tournament, 2-0, against Grand Rapids Community College, and played them in a regional final, 1-6, 7-5, 10-4, in four sets.

The Jayhawks retaliated for their only loss Saturday when they defeated Cincinnati State 3-2, 7-5, 6-1 in four sets. They lost 1-6, 5-7, 10-4, 4-3, 2-0 to Cincinnati State Tech in the regional final.

Two Jayhawks players were selected for the three-day tournament, in which the Jayhawks won four games and lost only two. MCC rookie Ben Whitford finished fifth at 149 pounds in his first tournament appearance and sophomore Jeff Tautolo finished third at 152 pounds in his first tournament appearance. The Jayhawks continued their winning streak, winning their last game of the day 2-1, a 4-0 victory over Cincinnati State.

Tautolo's only loss was on his first tournament appearance, a 2-1 loss to Jackson CC in the first round of the tournament. The Jayhawks face Vincennes in their final tournament game on Saturday at 7 p.m., Jacksonville at 3 p.m. on Sunday and Jackson State at 2 p.m. on Monday. In their first two tournament games, the Jayhawks beat Jackson - 4-0 and 5-2 - then beat the Winnipeg Jets 3-3 and won 2-1 against Jackson Community College.

Guard Marcus Tumblin scored 13 points, grabbed six rebounds and scored 14 points. Guard Eddie Tornes contributed 11 points and five rebounds. With increasing defensive pressure, the MCC forced 21 cornerbacks with 15 steals and took the lead with less than five minutes to go.

The Jayhawks will be back in action this weekend, this time against the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, with a trip - in the game at 7 p.m. on Saturday, June 26. The museum, which includes the "Shaping the Future" to celebrate the past, is open from Friday to Sunday, July 1 to 4, from 12 noon to 5.30 pm. In addition, the museum has upgraded exhibits and veterans honors, including more space for women in the military and a new exhibition about dogs who served in the war that includes dogs from all wars, according to a press release. LSTs, a landing ship that served as a history museum during the Second World War and the Korean War, will reopen for guided tours on Saturday 27 June and offers free admission to the Museum of Natural History and History every first Saturday of the month from June to October.

From Wednesday, readers can order library items online to pick them up at the main counter. Library users can return their holdings under quarantine, and visitors can use computers by appointment, but capacity limits are in place. Browse the stacks of books and use the service desk on Saturdays and Sundays from 11 a.m. to 5.30 p.m.

The museum offers free admission on Thursdays, although Thursday evening hours are no longer valid. Staff and visitors wear masks and enter the museum through the back entrance on Clay Avenue. However, visitors can enter the main entrance of the museum at the northern end of the building from the front entrance or through the back entrance.

The USS Silversides submarine museum, located in Pere Marquette Park at 1346 Bluff Street, reopened Monday and will be open to the public again on Tuesday, June 23, it was announced Tuesday afternoon. The Lakeshore Museum Center has also recently acquired a downtown showcase that tells the story of the area's industrial past. After canceling the annual D-Day landing celebration, which celebrated its 76th anniversary this year, the art gallery at the former campus of Michigan State University in Portage reopened Monday.

When a live reporter called to learn of the reopening plans, the answer was "yes" when he called. MCC coach Dave Schlump said: "We've seen some things we really need to work on and we'll certainly address those issues.

The Jayhawks will be back in action next week at the Michigan State University Open in Lansing, where they will play in the first round of the NCAA Division I Men's Basketball Tournament. The Jayhawks will remain in Lansing for the next two weeks, however, as they travel to Michigan, Ohio, Indiana and Wisconsin and then head back to Lansing for the Big Ten Conference Championships and the US Open.

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